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About Me

I am a full spectrum doula and a lactation counselor in training based in Harlem, NYC. I've taken an herbal course in pregnancy and postpartum called "Grandma's Hands, Pregnancy and Postpartum in the Black Southern Midwife Tradition," and can provide herbal support. 


 My journey to becoming a doula started with my fascination with pregnancy and labor; upon learning about the neglect that black women faced in hospitals, I wanted to be an advocate and provide support. Extending my services to people within my community who may not know what a doula is and may not believe that they deserve to be supported is something that I want to see changed. I am passionate about providing my services to low income black and brown women who may not have had access to doulas before. I firmly believe that all pregnant people deserve to have doulas that are affordable and a community that looks out for and supports them.